Doing your own PR may seem daunting and time-consuming, but it needn't be. Here is just some feedback from some very happy startups and small business owners, who now know the power of DIY PR:

"Thank-you Halima for this fantastic course. I am so glad I learned more about the power of PR and how it really does work for small businesses.

It has given me a load of great ideas for use in my own business as well as clients. The modules flowed harmoniously, with each step answering the questions the previous steps had highlighted for me so I felt like I wasn't being left hanging for too long. I can whole-heartedly recommend this PR course to SME's and startups; just try it - you will be enlightened!"

Lou Pemberton, Digital Marketing Coach

"Having worked in marketing companies and communications teams before I thought I knew what good public relations meant. But what I failed to see, despite being a recent graduate and an employee of several big companies, is that I was riding the success of established brand names. It was only when I started my own company that I realised the invaluable skills and knowledge that Halima imparts in her course, to build the story of my business and make it stand out in today's global village. I consider some of the things I've learned to be essential to growing my business and it's been an investment in myself, because I can take this knowledge to whatever business endeavor or job I take. You should do it too!"

Jubair Khan, Video Producer